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Beam Parking Gate Door Safety Alarm Security Sensor TX RX type Sn: 10 Meter

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Through beam sensor consist TX and RX in two different housing

( Sense all reflecting target property like  paper ,wood , Metal etc. )
TX transmitter have two wire for power supply 12 v and 24 vdc  and RX have 04 points , Two points used for supply and other two give relay output NO or NC which are selectable  .
  • Transmitter TX emitt the infrared light and reciever recieve the light . If any object come between TX and RX then RX did not recieved light then give output .
  • Through beam sensor use for higher sensing range more than 01 meter application .
  • Features Red LED indicator show status.


1.Install each pair at the opposite positions.Then there is an  infrared area between these two detector parts. When someone passes the infrared region, the detector  will send alarm signal to the security alarm host (which not included here).
2. Install Distance(Max.)in the above chart means the maximum install distance between the two  detector parts.
3. Great to be installed for security system in school, office building, hosipital, home yard, etc.
4. Detecting range can be reduced to 30% in bad weather conditions, like rain, dust, etc.
5. English Usage Manual included in the pack. It will give you detailed instructions.
Technical Parameters
Detector Area: ≤ 15m
work voltage:12V,24V
Work current :  50MA
temperature : +50~ (-30)
Size : 49.2 x 76 x  21.6MM
Water Proof, UV proof

   Outer size

    49.2 x 76 x  21.6MM

   sensing range

     ≤ 15m

   Operating Voltage

     12 VDC and 24 vdc

   Max Load Current

     2 A


     relay contact NO or NC which are selectable

    Housing length

   as pic

   Cable Length (Approx.)

     3 m each in TX and RX


  wall mounting with 02 nut



    Package Content

    1 x sensor

Salient feature

used in parking , security of gate , car washing etc


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